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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Welcome to my new normal....BUSY! :o) We were busy before but I think busy is just our "normal".... Surprisingly I am not super stressed out (yet)...although my house does look like a bomb went off...and it does bother me. But I am trying to embrace the mess... LOL!

We got home around 630pm last night. I will save the "homecoming" blog post for a time when I have more pics to share. My awesome friend Hillary took some for me and I am waiting to get them from her....

Here is a sneak peek from my sister though. Me with my 5 kiddos! :o)

I took Everlyn to see our pediatrician at 9am this morning. Dr. Carney was very impressed with her immunization records and said she looked GREAT! He heard no heart murmur (she reportedly had a patent foramen ovale at one point but it has "resolved") and said she was 75% for height and almost 50% for weight on the Down syndrome growth chart! YAY! She would have been the 5% and 3% respectively on the "typical" growth chart. He did order some labwork to check her thyroid since she is actually on Synthroid for hypothyroidism (although no one mentioned this to me until our medical exam for the Embassy appt - lovely.) He also ordered a CBC, lead level, HIV, RPR, etc etc etc. She was such a trooper despite having FOUR tubes of blood taken! We did not do a karyotype at this time but will in the near future...this is a chromosome test to determine if she does indeed have mosaic Down syndrome (as opposed to "traditional" Trisomy 21). Our pediatrician is thinking she does indeed have mDs just by his examination of her but who knows... And honestly, it does not matter one bit to us!

Here she is leaving the pediatrician's office. Two shots and four tubes of blood won't keep this happy girl from smiling!

We had a busy day on our first day home. My sister and her 3 kids are here. We ventured to the mall. Oh wow - poor little pumpkin isn't too sure about the mall. I think she gets a wee bit overstimulated at times. And who can blame her....the 4 stark white walls of an orphanage are vastly different that a busy shopping mall!

Here is Elliston and Everlyn cruising around in their stroller. Elliston loves his new sister but doesn't love strollers... LOL!

Here is a shirt I found on the clearance rack at Gap! YAY!

I am sure tomorrow is another busy day so I am going to head to bed. Detailed homecoming post will follow in the next few days I am sure.... :o)


santafegirl2001 said...

Aww.I love that family picture, but where is Eric? LOL taking the picture? Can't wait to see more pictures. How is Emerson enjoying having another girl sibling in the house?

RELH said...

Cute shirt!

I can't wait to read your homecoming post!

Frugal Fun Momma said...

How is Everlyn transitioning with everything? How about you?! I bet its wonderful to be back home with your precious little girl and I can't wait to read the homecoming post when you get around to writing it all out for us!!!

Congratulations and Mazel Tov!!!

Katie said...

Welcome home. Glad to hear that things are going well adjustment wise.

I know you are busy and have family in town. I'll have to catch up with you sometime if/when your life settles. LOL

The little Matroyshka shirt is cute. We have it too. I think I sent you a link about it last year when it came out. : )

Teacher Girl said...

I'm so glad to hear things are off to a great start. I can't wait to hear all about the homecoming!

4 boys in AZ. said...

I've so enjoyed following your adoption journey. So happy to see sweet little Everlyn home with her family. Love the family picture. Everlyn looks like she fits right in.


The Annessa Family said...

Following your journey has been amazing! I can't thank you enough for sharing so much with my family - we hope to be following in your footsteps soon. Being able to read your blog and witness your experiences has meant the world to us as we consider embarking on something so unknown! Thank you!

Evia said...

Congratulations!!! And let me say "THANK YOU!!!"
I am Evia, Live in O Fallon, MO almost 5 years. I am from Russia, Omsk. I started help orphans in Russia when I was 15, have the God son Dima, who is now (oh, my!:) ) 32 y.o.! :)
When I moved here, I found the project "Invisible Children" -- were is people wright letters and send something to children to Russian and Ukrainian orphans, like their "mentors". So I have several. :) One of them, Lera, died year ago in the orphanage for children with disabilities. This is horrible orphanages -- kids have no future in them... Now I help, how I can, to whole this orphanage... And send letters to 19 y.o. girl, who still lives there, and this is fortunate to her: she helps a lot with youngers, that is why they still keep here there. Otherwise she would be in the special sanatorium with adult people with disabilities, and without any help, probably not live for long... :((
And I also exchange letters with another 2 children from Russian orphanages and with two from Ukraine. I know our orhan "sistem" from inside, and I am VERY HAPPY that you rescued your little angel!!! I am so happy for you, her, and all your family!!!
We are neighbors!:) If you are interested in some Russian-Ukranian culture, I am happy to help!
My husband, Kevin, and I have three children -- Nastya, 15, was born in Omsk, Gabby, 4 and Frank, 2. All three speaks Russian and English. ;)

SO happy for you! :)
(Please, forgive me my poor English!)

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