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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let her eat cake!!!

Happy Birthday sweet Everlyn Grace!!!

Today is our little monkey's 3rd birthday. I must admit, it is bittersweet. Of course, we are THRILLED that she is home with us where she belongs.... But today is also the day, three years ago, that her birth parents met her, looked at her sweet face, and decided that she wasn't going home with them.   THAT my friends breaks my heart. You see, not only is today her birthday, it is her "orphanversary"....the day she became an orphan.

This girl is perfect (minus some screeching here and there...LOL!). She is ours. And she is LOVED! :o)

Her party was Saturday and it was AWESOME! We celebrated with family and some very special friends! My friend Lori, who has a daughter with that "something extra" drove up from Atlanta to be here...and take some AWESOME pics. And another "new" friend, Tiffany was here too...with her daughter who was also blessed with that awesome extra chromosome. Yes, it was a GOOD day.

Here is a pic taken by Lori of Everlyn's "cake smash". Yes, I know this is a 1st birthday tradition, but if you think about it, this WAS her 1st birthday! Tiffany offered to bake the smash cake...which was ADORABLE!

More photos can be seen on Lori and Tiff's blogs.

So Happy Birthday sweet Princess! We love you so very much!


Jo's Corner said...

Happy Birthday, Precious Everlyn!

The Mac's House said...

Happy Birthday Everlyn! Saw the pics on the other sites and I have to say the one with her cake everywhere was too precious!

flojomo said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful.

Monica said...

Happy birthday, little doll! I'm so happy she has a familynow, that will celebrate with her :-)

Blogging Friend said...


I am so sorry that I missed this. I have had a lot of things going on and have neglected in following my blogging friends.
I love the pictures of Everlyn. She is an absolute doll and looks very happy now. I did go and look at the pictures on the other blogs.
Is she still sleeping in your room or has she moved to her own room. How are things going with blonding and attachment? From pictures she looks pretty attached to me. LOL!!

Please update on how she and the rest of you are doing when you can. I will check for a new post soon.


Amy said...

Your daughter is just stunning!

I keep checking your blog to see if there will be any info on Meade. You are so lucky you got to meet him! You can just tell he's special! I want to band people together and spread the word about him!


Amy said...

Oh my goodness! Your daughter is gorgeous!

I keep checking your blog to see if there will be any info on cutie little Meade! I so want to get the word out and find that honey a home!

Blessings to your sweet fam!


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