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Monday, July 5, 2010

Prayers please!!!

We need your prayers...

We are painting Everlyn's new room today. :o) We are not painters. We don't like to paint. And we aren't very good at it. But in the interest of saving money, we decided (well, I decided) to skip the professional painter and make it a DIY project. Eric is thrilled (not)! After going and picking up the Benjamin Moore paint (we need the GOOD stuff since we are terrible at this) and all the supplies...I am not sure we are saving much. Oh well....it will be "fun" right?

So, yeah....we need "painting skill (and patience) prayers"!

Update - WE DID IT! And it looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself! The pink is a little brighter than I wanted - we were planning PALE pink. But according to my (almost) six-year-old daughter, there is no such thing as "too bright" when it comes to pink! I will post pics when the room is done, or close to it. We have a bit more work to do. We need to get her a mattress and we need a few finishing touches. I am SO excited how it is coming along though!

And a special shout out to Eric, my husband and Everlyn's daddy. He REALLY hates to paint....I think his exact words as we were getting started were "I'd rather be having a root canal right now." Well, he painted like a champ, even with his buddies texting him about tee times and such. If you know Eric, you know that it was HARD for him to pass up a round of golf. So - I just wanted to send a public THANKS to him for taking time out of his busy weekend to paint a room for a little girl half-way around the world that he has never met, but has selflessly agreed to be "Daddy" to.

So - thanks Eric. LOVE YOU! :o)


WallStickersDecals said...

She is really such a princess! She is pretty and well so cute.

Lori F said...

Pictures...need....pictures ;)

Mom2FourLittleEs said...

Patience my dear.....I need to do a few more things first. :o) But it is so PUUUUUURRRRTTTTTYYYY!

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