--An Orphan No More--


Monday, December 6, 2010

Grab a Kleenex...or three....

This song is so appropriate for us this Christmas since Everlyn now has a family...to tuck her in, to celebrate her (January) birthday, and so much more!


Mel said...

Good Grief woman!! That was really beautiful!! Merry Christmas to both of our sweet little blessings!!

Katrina @ mommyninetimes.blogspot.com said...

Oh! That video! Makes my heart hurt. Who are the children in the video, do you know? "Albert"...looks like he could be one of mine. So similar to my children's faces (not to mention he is even an "A" name like all nine of mine are! ha! added bonus) I'd take him, if I knew where he was...

Your daughter is beautiful. What a blessing.
Happy New Year!

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