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Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Card Sneak Peek!

Here's a peek at our holiday cards. A special shout out to my friend Hillary for helping a stressed out mama (me!!!) out with these!

Holiday card side:

Adoption announcement:

I will try to post more soon. Our big move is in a week, but I do have a job lined up! YAY! I accepted a position on child/adolescent psych at Vanderbilt. :o) I will fill you in more in a bit.


The Mac's House said...

Love both of those cards. The kids are all so cute. The adoption notice is awesome.

Congratulations on the new position. Moving in week, wow! Good luck with all of that.

ouradoptionjourneywithBryceVanya said...

Congrats on the new job! Very exciting and I love the Xmas/Adoption Card. LOVE it!
Would love one....812 Gatehouse Dr,Winter Springs,FL,32708.
Good luck with the move! Look forward to seeing you all, now that you'll be closer.
Kim, Tom and Bryce!

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