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Monday, May 10, 2010

Introducing Everlyn Grace!!!

I am so happy - and proud - to introduce Everlyn Grace. She will hopefully join our family later this year (we really really want her with us for the holidays!). She is currently in a "baby home" in Eastern Europe. She is 2 years old. She is about 3 months older than our youngest son Elliston, so she will have an instant playmate!

I found her picture on the Reece's Rainbow listing of "waiting children." (To clear up any confusion....she is listed as "Cordelia" on the Reece's Rainbow site. No, it isn't her real name....it's simply a "stage name" to protect her privacy.) When I saw her, I knew....she was my daughter! Everlyn has "possible Mosaic Down syndrome." The "Reader's Digest" explanation is that some of her cells are "typical" and have 46 chromosomes, while some cells have a third copy of the 21st chromosome. Mosaic Down syndrome only accounts to 3% of Down syndrome cases. She is said to be walking, talking, high-functioning and an orphanage favorite! Of course she is....she is absolutely precious! She also has no other medical issues related to the MDS. From all accounts, she is a healthy, happy little girl...and we are SO happy she is joining our family!


ErinL said...

So thrilled that you are bringing this beauty home! Where in St. Louis are you? We are living in Little Rock now but our home is St. Peters, MO! We are waiting on our travel date to bring Oksana home! www.lorainefamily.blogspot.com

trustandobey said...

Congratulations! My name is Lisa and I have a friend adopting through RR this month. I have seen Cordelia's listing for a few months. So glad she has a family now!!!
I also have 2 adopted daughters and 2 biological ones. Adoption is an awesome journey! Best wishes as you begin yours!

Di said...

Congratulations!!!! How exciting for you! I look forward to following your journey in bringing her home!!! =)

March Mommy!!! =)

Kimberley said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see her homecoming pictures...

Elizabeth said...

She is beautiful! Your kids are getting a real, live doll for Christmas this year:) What an amazing journey this will be for you, congratulations!

kym said...

We love Cordelia and so glad she has a family! I look forward to following your journey.

Jessi said...

Oh I am beyond excited!!!!!! I advocated for Cordelia during the March DS Awareness push. I have been praying for a family for her for a long time and was overjoyed to see her little face on the "new commitments" site. I am excited to follow your journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

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