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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We have our own page on Reece's Rainbow!

WooHoo! This is very exciting! Family and friends who feel compelled to help us bring Everlyn home can donate through this page and it will be tax deductible (RR is a 501(c)(3) organization).

I cannot believe how quickly things are progressing! I hope this pace continues....we want our little girl home! Now to get the governments of two different countries to cooperate with us.....


Cathy said...

Hi! Just wanted to stop by and say "hi". Your little princess is gorgeous. She melted my heart the first time I saw her on Reece's Rainbow and I'm so happy that she's found her forever family.

I have a daughter named Lily who will be two the end of this month. She has Down syndrome and brings so much joy to our lives.


babyarnie said...

Oh my goodness!! Praise the Lord! My husband and I adopted Laurel off RR in Sept. 09. We saw Cordelia's picture and SERIOUSLY thought about going back for her. She is a beauty and stole our hearts. When we saw her go up on New Committments page we cried together that she would have HER mommy & Daddy. Can't wait to follow the journey to your princess. Let me know if I can ever be of any assistance.

Mom2FourLittleEs said...

Thanks ladies. We are SO in love with this sweet little girl!!! Words can't even begin to describe it! Yes, she has HER family now! We so wish we could just go get her NOW....but are trying to be patient.

It's so strange really....I have had SO MANY people tell me they thought about adding her to their families....and Andrea commented that she was shocked she had never been chosen.

I guess she has been waiting for US! :o) I actually cry when I think about how long she has been waiting for us to get our act together and FIND HER! Not long now Princess....not long now!!!!!

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