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Monday, September 20, 2010

In less than 2 weeks....

...we will be getting on a plane to travel half-way around the globe to meet our little girl! Wow. I have SO much to do the next couple of weeks....my head is literally aching just thinking about it: making arrangements for the kids, packing for them, getting them to my sister's in Virginia, last minute paper chasing for documents that need to be hand-carried, creating our family photo album to show to people in Ukraine (facilitators, baby home director/staff, the judge, etc), packing for us...... Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

We also need to raise more money for our trip. We had a garage sale this past weekend and earned a few hundred dollars. We are also doing a "Thirty-One" catalog party that ends 9/25. (Let me know if you need anything!). If you are willing and able to contribute to our adoption fund, please use the Chip In at the right. During this process, I have always felt awkward about "begging" for money. But, I now realize that we could use help from our friends and family to help bring Everlyn home. The cost of this adoption is around $25,000. We like to think of it as her ransom....and we will gladly pay every penny to rescue her!


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