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Thursday, September 9, 2010

We have our travel date!!!!!

OMGosh! I cannot believe it! Just 7 days after submitting our dossier, we have been given our travel date!

We will be flying out of the good ol' USA on October 3rd. Our SDA appt is on October 6th at noon! This is the appt where we will get our "official referral" for Everlyn! Wow......

My birthday is October 12th. I will likely get to spend my birthday (or at least part of it) with my girl! I cannot think of a better gift!!!!!

Thanks for the prayers! Keep praying...your prayers are powerful and have helped us so much on this journey!

YAY! God is so good!!!!


Lori F said...

SOOOOOO EXCITED for you!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so amazing how fast this has all gone for you guys. You can tell that she was meant for you and the universe is in a huge hurry for her to start her new life with her forever family. YAY!

4 boys in AZ. said...

How exciting! You'll be seeing little Everlyn before you know it. Very happy for you!


Davia's Mom said...

I have no idea how all of this works, but does this mean she comes home with you?

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