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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The kids were delivered safely!

The kids are safely in their "new home" for the next month. Elliston was up before the sun came up and my sister got to change her first dirty diaper in 5.5 years...before 7am. :o)

Now, I have a LOT to do! I am getting a haircut and brow wax this afternoon....gotta look good when I meet my girl, right? Then it's off to the doctor to get some drugs for this "sinus funk"...gotta be healthy when I meet my girl, too!

I am trying to enjoy these last few days at home....even though I have 1001 things to do and my mind is racing! In the meantime, I am loving packing up all of this toddler-sized PINK!

Please continue to pray for us...and for Everlyn!


Tracey Sharp said...

Oh Ashli, I cannot wait till you get to meet your lil Princess!! Cant wait to follow your journey!

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