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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A note about fundraising.....

As our adoption journey continues, we are starting to plan a few adoption fundraisers. I know, I know....some people may think it is odd (or even tacky) to "fundraise" for an adoption. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion I guess. :o) We look at it quite differently. This isn't about US....this is about HER! We are literally saving her life...and it is a life worth saving for sure!

Here is the sad truth. If she is not adopted by age 4, she will be transferred to a mental institution. Yes, you read that right...an insane asylum. No, she is not insane. But, in her birth country, her life has no value because she was born with "a little something extra." So, if not adopted, she will be given a literal death sentence. Few children transferred to the institution survive their first year. They are bed-ridden (often restrained to their beds) and neglected...physically, emotionally, spiritually forgotten. We can't let that happen to her. It is heartbreaking to even imagine.....

So....we have decided to "be the change we want to see in the world"....and change the world for this one child. We have chosen her.....and she belongs with our family. The adoption path we are on is a swift one...average time from start to finish is 7 months. We are hoping to do it in 5....yes, we are over-achievers! I don't want this precious girl to spend any more time in an orphanage than she has to....if I could rescue her TODAY I would. Believe me!

But we need help...help from our friends, family...even complete strangers who have a passion for orphans. And we have gotten that help. But there is still more to be done! We are in the process of planning a few fundraisers:

--a golf tournament...likely in July
--a yard sale.....make a bit of $$ and de-clutter! It's a win-win!
--a jewelry sale....a momma with a passion for orphans is having a benefit sale in her Etsy shop for our adoption. Anyone who buys from her shop on JUNE 21st (one day only!) and mentions us at checkout, will provide $5 towards our adoption. EVERY. DOLLAR. COUNTS. More details to follow soon!

As we continue on this journey, we are humbly asking for your help. No donation or amount of support is too small. Literally EVERY DOLLAR (and prayer) is helping to save the life of a precious little girl. Donations are tax-deductible when made through our Chip In or our FSP page - click on the "Help us rescue Everlyn" button on the right. $5, $10, $20...it all adds up!

If it takes a village to raise a child.....it takes the love and generosity of friends and family to help bring a child home to that village! :o)


Lady Lynn said...

That Etsy shop...is it online?? Since I am obviously not close to you in location....can I do something via online (plus....I am always looking for an excuse to shop!! haha)
Amy (wantingkids)

Mom2FourLittleEs said...

Yes - It is a shop on Etsy.com. Sarah's Treasure Box. BUT....it only counts towards our adoption if you make the purchase on 6/21 and mention me - Ashli Smith. :o) THANKS!

Bethany said...

I just wanted to let you know how happy and peaceful I am about you adopting this breathtakingly beautiful princess. She has weighed on my heart and we were contemplating ourselves in opening our hearts, our home, our family to her! I am thrilled that she is being welcomed into such a loving family and wait with bated breath til she is finally and forever in your arms! Thank you for taking these steps to forever change her life and love her as she deserves. My heart will be forever pulled in your direction,

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