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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What-A-Deal Wednesdays!!!

I have decided to start a new weekly feature on our blog...What-A-Deal Wednesdays!!!

Those of you who know me know that I LOVE to shop....but only if it is a really good deal. I get giddy when I find a good bargain.

Well, as I began looking for clothes for Everlyn for the Fall/Winter, I found some AMAZING deals, mostly at Gymboree. (Nope, this is not a paid endorsement...I WISH! Gym-Mark corporate folks, feel free to use the Chip In on the right for all of this free advertising!)

So, today's DEAL is this adorable little pink parka with faux fur trim on the hood and coordinating bunny mittens. Retail price for both is almost $65. OUCH!

What did I pay? Less than $8..for both. :o) Well, actually Grandma bought it for Everlyn, so it was FREE to me, but you get the idea!


Julie said...

Okay, so from now on just buy 2 of everything and let me know what I owe you! I'm guessing Dashlyn will be a 24mos when we get her home! Too cute!

Mom2FourLittleEs said...

LOL! Will do. How old is she? Everlyn was born in January 2008 - she will be 2.5 when we get her. I have sizes ranging from 18-24 months to 3T. I just have NO CLUE how big she is. She doesn't look tiny, but not big either...but it is so hard to tell from photos.

Rich & Sig said...

I just have no idea what to buy, I am dying to buy Vaughn some stuff!!
Love the coat!

Julie said...

D's birthday is just after Everlyn's, in Mar '08. I'm in the same boat - I have no idea what size she is! But that coat is tooooo cute!

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