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Sunday, August 22, 2010

3 Brothers and a Sister

That's what Everlyn has to look forward to! Oh - and a Mommy and Daddy too! :o)

The kids are very, very excited about a new sister. Even Elliston seems to know who she is and yells "Baby Everlyn" every time he sees her picture. It's pretty cute and I am not sure he realizes he is YOUNGER than she is. And I am not sure he realizes she will live here and he will have to share his toys. :o)

And of course Emersen is over the moon to have a sister! "Finally!" she says... LOL! Originally, both girls were going to have their own rooms, but Emersen insisted that they should share. The more we thought about it, that might just be the way to go. Everlyn is used to sharing a room with several kids and having "company" at night might ease the transition. So, the room is just about done! We need to set up the second bed and we will be good to go. I am VERY pleased with how it turned out! A perfect room for Daddy's Princesses! (Don't worry - I will post pics soon.)

So, I thought I would dedicate a post to the brothers and sister waiting....probably more patiently that Mommy and Daddy. I am sure I will have plenty of helpers!

Here's some pics of Everlyn's siblings-to-be:

Easton James - 8 years old

Emersen Elyse - 6 years old

Elijan Brooks - 4 years old

Elliston Cash - 2 years old


Molly said...

They are so cute! She is a lucky girl.

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