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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pray for Fed Ex!!!

Pray that our dossier arrives safely in the hands of our facilitator / translator. Pray that there are no delays. Pray that all goes according to His plan. (I hope it is the same as MY plan. LOL)

And pray for the poor guy who waited on me today at Fed Ex. He got an earful.....

Fed Ex guy: "Is this just documents today, ma'am?"

Me: ((gasp)) "Just documents? JUST documents? Listen pal...this is 4 months of hard work...HOURS of paper chasing, 5 trips to the doctor, 8 trips for notaries, 6 trips for apostilles, countless tears and way more stress than I care to recall! This is WAY more than documents. This is what hopes, dreams, a forever family and a little girl's promising future look like...in paper form. JUST DOCUMENTS? Um, no."

Fed Ex guy: "Ok then." And then he proceeds to write "documents" on the shipping form. LOL!

I told him to handle it like it was his baby....because it is someone's baby. OUR BABY. And for nearly $200, they SHOULD handle it with care don't ya think?

According to the tracking info, it is on its way! Praise the Lord!


schoolmother said...

Anyone who says "just documents" has never put together a dossier for adoption--especially not _____ (EE) I am so excited for you but I can definitely relate to the fear. It reminds me of Moses' mommy placing her baby in that little basket in the river from the Bible.

asuneda said...

LOL. I can see you saying that. Please send me an invite for Sept 1st too. :)

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