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Monday, August 2, 2010

A Little Update for Those Asking for One...

....and you know who you are!

Everything is status quo, so I haven't updated much on the process recently. Our dossier is done, just waiting for USCIS to send our 171H. Our dossier will be mailed to our translator in Everlyn's birth country THIS WEEK! :o) Yay! It will be translated and once the 171H is ready, it will also be translated, added to the dossier and then our dossier will be submitted to the SDA for review. Once submitted, it generally takes the SDA 2-3 weeks to review it and either request additional documents, clarification, etc OR to give an invitation to travel and SDA appointment. This very special appointment is when the "official" referral is given. We are hoping we can skip the "more documents / clarification" option and move straight to the TRAVEL and referral appointment at the SDA! :o)

It is amazing to think of the progress we have made towards bringing her home...to her forever family. Her brothers and sister are SO SO SO excited to meet her and love on her...and Mommy and Daddy are a wee bit excited too!

My birthday is in October. I can't think of a better gift than meeting our Princess!

Your continued prayers throughout this process are greatly appreciated!


Katie said...

Sooooo excited. Man, I wish I could be doing what you are doing!

Mom2FourLittleEs said...

Thanks Katie. Honestly, I wouldn't wish this "process" on my worst enemy, but the end result will be WELL worth it! :o)

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