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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 14 - It's Day 1 of our 10 Day Waiting Period

Ahhhhh........I hate waiting!!! Only 9 more days and we can begin the final paper-chasing (pick up court decree, get her new birth certificate, her passport, etc) and finally bring this little girl home where she belongs!!!

We had great visits today. It was cool and damp this morning and Everlyn wasn't overly thrilled to be outside, but this afternoon she had a blast running around....and of course, wearing mommy's sunglasses.

Tomorrow is another day of visits and then my mom ("GiGi") will be here Monday morning to "wait" with me.


Julia said...

Yeah - the good news is that because you had a Friday court - you don't have to go extra days beyond the 10... You are so close to getting out of there.... Praying for you. Enjoy these moments even though they are tedious and hard!

Surrender said...

That's awesome! Hopefully those days will go quick. We hope to be where you are soon. Our paperwork seems to me stuck at the USCIS. It has been there for 3 weeks now and still no case officer. We worry that it isn't going to get approved before the "break". And if that happens all of our paperwork will be out of date and we have to start all over. We just keep praying. I think our son is at the same orphanage you guys are at. If you have a chance do you think you could see how he is and maybe snap a few picture? His RR name is "Grady", his real name is Andrey. I think you said you had to post pictures on Facebook so we'll send over a friend invite. Congrats again, we look forward to more updates.

Randell and Judith Coffman

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