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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 24 - Paperwork and a Passport

That's what we accomplished today. We completed all necessary paperwork and were able to get Everlyn a "red" (one-day) passport. YAY!

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! That's right....it's GOTCHA DAY! I am so excited! :o) I will post pics as soon as I can - I promise!

We will be headed back to Kiev on the train tomorrow night. Then it's Embassy appointment and HOME...we could fly home Saturday, or it could be Tuesday, depending on what we can accomplish at the Embassy. But either way, it is SOON!

OK - for your viewing pleasure, here is the world's most adorable passport. No really....it does NOT get much cuter than this. I didn't even think we would get this today and was told not to worry about clothes for her today. But the opportunity arose to get this done so the baby home dressed her and a caregiver even went with us. Prepare yourself for insane cuteness....and yes, the passport number and birthdate have been blurred intentionally to protect her privacy....


Bambi said...

Most adorable passport on the planet!!!

Annie said...

I have to admit. It's the cutest passport I've seen!

The Mac's House said...

Love it!

Vicky said...

I am totally going to have a vodka drink (or White Russian) Saturday night in your's and Everlyn's honor! I would say I'd do a shot of vodka, but... ewwwww. and yes I *only* drink real russian vodka!

viv said...

been following your blog for the last 10 days, so excited for you to finally take your little girl home, and selfishly looking forward to the Gotcha post !

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