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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 21 - 3 weeks here and the wait is nearly over!

Yes folks...80% done! Two more days...4 more visits... I will spare you the hours/minutes countdown....

I have been over here for 3 weeks now. I would be lying if I said I wasn't BEYOND ready to leave this place. Sure - it is interesting and hope to tell Everlyn all about it one day, but it is NOT home. Not even close......

I have noticed something. My favorite little (former) orphan does not act like one. :o) I have watched the other children in her baby home, I have seen pictures and videos that other families have shared along their journeys. Yep - my little firecracker is not the norm. Most of the kids will sit on the blanket, purposefully stretched out on the floor in the playroom, content to play with one or two toys for what seems like hours. They are content to examine their hands as a form of amusement. They stare off into space as if there is something really intriguing there. Well, NOT Miss Everlyn! She is into everything: opening cabinets, digging in the wastebasket under the desk, climbing on the small table even though I have said "nyet" (no) 1800 times. She throws toys out of baskets and knocks them off shelves...just to laugh at the mess she has made. She runs around the room pulling a toy airplane by a tattered string, laughs at herself in the shiny reflection of a polished wooden cabinet and pouts when she doesn't get her way....a pout that turns to a devilish grin when she realizes you are staring at her with a big smile on your face. She will go sit in a chair across the room, just so she can charge at me with her arms stretched out, waiting for a big mommy hug. This game never gets old....not from where I am sitting, waiting for her to jump in my lap and hug my neck. And then she's off again......

Oh my goodness...this girl is animated! And you know what? I would not want her ANY other way! It is obvious that this little love bug has been well-cared for. Everyone at the baby home knows her by name and has to give her hugs, kisses and a little pat of affection when they see her. God has watched over her until her Mommy and Daddy come come for her and bring her home. For all of this, we are grateful.


Marianne said...

You're almost home!! She sounds like a spunky little thing - too cute!! I bet she's going to LOVE exploring her new home and getting into all kinds of mischief :-)

Mel said...

Oh do I know a boy that is JUST like that!! Right down to the running to me with wide arms for hugs and kisses!! Whever anyone goes through the room, they say hello and talk to him, all know him by name! Hmmm... I dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing... hehe You're almost there Ashli!!

Blogging Friend said...

You are almost home with your sweet little one. I cannot wait to see how she blossoms when she gets home.
UHH Mom her mischief might not be so funny when she is at home. You might have your hands full big time. LOL!!
I bet it will break your heart the first time you have to discipline her for real. I have a feeling there is going to be tears not a smile on your part when that happens. LOL!!

just a few more days. How AWESOME that is!

Have you figured out if she will be able to sleep in toddler bed or will she need baby bed for a while?


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