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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 8 - One week, one day....

That's how long we have been here...or on our way here....

I cannot get pictures to upload to Blogger. Our connection isn't awesome but it is what it is. I have lots of pics posted on FB though. Once I have a better internet connection (which may be once we get HOME), I will go back and add the pics to these posts. Not ideal, but not much else I can do.

Today we had a great morning visit. Everlyn came to us ready to play. She's really warming up to us. She seems very smart and has obviously been well cared for. She imitates everything we do and many things we say. She has such a fun, silly personality. I showed her another pair of shoes I wanted to try on her and her face lit up...she immediately plopped herself down in my lap and started pulling off her shoes so we could try the new ones on. They fit and she loved them ....they are 18-24 month Pedipeds. She's a little thing at 2.5.

After our visit we went back to our apartment and dropped off some things and headed to our new favorite restaurant here. They may get sick of us! They have an English menu and serve coke in little glass bottles. Love this place! The food is AMAZING! We were stuffed when we left and our bill was less than $20 and that included 2 entrees, an seafood appetizer (for Eric), my Coke and his HUGE beer. :o) Then we walked through the open air market...so interesting. A pair of older women (babushkas) had two little playpens set up and they were selling kittens! Oh my....those things were FULL of kittens. They were cute but since I am REALLY allergic, we just smiled and walked on past. Eric did buy a watch in a little clock/watch store.
It is really nice and HUGE....$25 USD. What a deal!

We then headed back to our apartment to wait for our driver for our afternoon visit. He didn't show up so we were worried and called Tatianna our facilitator. Apparently he had been in an accident so a new driver came. Our driver is fine....no worries, but let me just tell you...these people drive like MANIACS. You can't imagine it unless you have seen it. We arrived about 20 minutes late for our visit so I was bummed since we only get 1.5 hours per visit. As we went to her groupa to let them know we were there, the nurse came out with her and pointed down the stairs. At first I thought she was telling is to leave. She scurried off with Everlyn and emerged with her all bundled up in a coat, hat and boots. Ahhhh....she was telling us we could take her outside. Thank goodness for the game of "charades!"

The nurse didn't want me to carry Everlyn down the steep stairs...she indicated to me that she could do it...and she did! I am SO happy they have encouraged her motor development. That girl is a pro on the stairs. We went outside and tried to make the most of it. It has been raining here for a couple of days so the playground was a muddy mess so we settled on the swing. She LOVED it. Then we tried the merry-go-round....and it started to rain. For fear we would be scolded for keeping her outside while it was sprinkling, we picked her up and headed back inside. Everlyn was NOT happy. Honestly, I haven't really heard her cry but she can whine and whimper with the best of them. I am however quite confident she can throw a big ol fit when she wants to. LOL!

We went back inside to the "play room" and played with HER toys. We put glittery foam shape stickers on a balloon...she LOVED our pretty blingin' balloon. And I broke out the bubbles. Those were a hit as well. She was just SO happy this afternoon and such a little snuggle bug, letting us get lots of hugs, kisses and "fives".

We are supposed to meet with Tatianna bright and early to initiate all of our court paperwork. Should be FUN....not! But this little girl is worth the mountain of paperwork....TWO mountains of paperwork!

Thanks for all of the sweet comments on FB and we appreciate your continued prayers!

Ashli and Eric


Linda said...

So glad you found a good place to eat!! Do they have Diet Coke in those little bottles? As long as it is caffeine so I don't get a busting headache while there from withdrawal!! Did some more shopping and found the black shoes and oneies you wanted at bargain prices, too!! Hope everything goes well with paperwork tomorrow. I am so ready for a vacation even if it's to a place
I don't speak the language!!

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