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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finally! A few pictures....

OK - I thought I would post some long overdue pictures while my internet seems to be working here at the apartment. Warning - picture overload!

A few of the groceries we picked up. I can endure ANYTHING if I have Coke!

Our apartment here in Kiev

The world's smallest (and most TERRIFYING) elevator - but a necessity since we are on the 8th floor. It shorts out and the lights go out and it doesn't move. FREAKS.ME.OUT. I am claustrophobic and HATE elevators, especially this one. What I wouldn't go through for this little girl!

The little flashcards I picked up. I thought the kids at home would enjoy seeing "common" words in Everlyn's language. Once I opened them, I realized it is actually a "matching game". I plan to let the kids use the 1st set as flashcards and put the duplicate set away in her memory box.

This is a gorgeous building under construction across from our apartment.

The Kiev Opera House

A Statue of Volinsky (I think)

And the AMAZING churches we saw today. We didn't have a chance to go inside, but snapped some pics from the car on the way to the SDA. They don't build them quite like this in the US, huh?

And last but certainly NOT least.....we asked permission to take a picture of her SDA file photo to keep for her since we have very very few photos of her has a baby (read....2). Isn't she so sweet? Love her!

Tomorrow we will pick up our referral and catch the evening train to her region. We would appreciate continued prayers!

Ashli and Eric


Linda said...

So glad to see pictures. Your apartment looks very nice, even with the scary elevator. Hope you both are getting some rest to prepare for the night train tomorrow. You want to look your best for Miss Everlyn!! Can't wait to see updated pictures of her!

Tell Everlyn that Gigi loves her!!

Zann said...

I love the picture of Everlyn! What a beautiful baby (but we already knew that!) I am so excited for this journey you are taking! :)

Emily said...

Very cute baby picture! I love the idea of making her a memory box of items from her region. Everyone here wishes you the best. You and Eric are in our thoughts and prayers.

Becky said...

You are staying literally across the street from our apartment we had in Kiev! I'm so glad you are headed to her region, I can't wait to see pics of that sweet girl!
That orange juice you bought, BEST ONE in Ukraine! We buy one every two days, its so good!

Kirsten said...

Ashli, I think you are staying in the exact same apt we stayed if for our first 2 nights! We were on the 8th floor also with the horrible skinny elevator. Did you have a tiger striped blanket on the bed??
I love that you love Coke (I'm a diet pepsi person, and we bought the "american" sandwich bread too!!) Too funny!!!!

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