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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 15 - It's Day 2 of the waiting game

EIGHT MORE DAYS........no, not 'til we come home (I WISH), but 8 more days to wait before we can finalize things here in her region, head back Kiev for our Embassy appt and then FLY HOME. I am so so so ready. Well, I am NOT so ready to entertain a VERY busy and rather independent toddler on an international flight (3 flights really)...or on the 12.5 hour train ride back to Kiev for that matter. But each step brings us that much closer to HOME! Hooray!

We moved into a new place here. Our first place was an apartment - what we might consider a duplex really - but it was being torn down to make way for a multi-story apartment building. Eric and I joke that it was actually being condemned. OK, so it wasn't THAT bad....well, anyways. We shopped around for a place to move into and decided on Hotel Imperial. It has a large living area with a leather sofa, dining room table, TV, fireplace etc and a nice large comfortable bedroom with a REAL MATTRESS. We have been sleeping on "futon-like" mattresses or pull-outs up to this point. But my favorite part of this place is the bathroom! It has a sink (our last place did not!), HOT water (our last place did not!) and heated tile floors (do I need to say that the last place did not? LOL) Yes, it is costing us a bit more, but we had budgeted for about $50-60 USD per night for lodging and the first place here was only $35.....so we can justify spending a little more now to balance it all out, right? Plus, it is nice to be COMFORTABLE while we wait. Oh - and they will do your laundry for you too (for a fee). And they wash AND dry! After more than 2 weeks in the same few sets of clothes, this is PRICELESS!

Here are some pics of the new digs:


The Mac's House said...

Gorgeous new digs!

Mama said...

Looks heavenly!!

ouradoptionjourneywithBryceVanya said...

I would say this is pretty nice digs! We have been pretty lucky being in region to have a very nice hotel! Just wish someone, anyone, besides my dh, spoke some English. We are in a Very,Very small town. But we are 7days out from getting little guy free! Hope to see you and Everlyn in Kiev on the return trip. Sounds like 4 RR families should be back there, the same time! Yah! Hang in there....BTW she is a cutie!
Kim Baumann

Denise :o) said...

Wow... that looks pretty darn nice! :o) Enjoy your new digs... relax and get some good rest on the REAL mattress!! :o)

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