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Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 20 - 70 percent done with this wait...

Wow...70%! Now we're gettin' somewhere!

Today was much like every other day here. Imagine that.

We did hit the open air market today. I walked my mom all over this town. LOL! We bought some "souvenirs" for the kids at home, including the cousins (my sister has had my 4 kids plus her 3 during our trip). We walked to our favorite restaurant here, Zeppelin, and then walked backed towards the market. I got some medicine I needed (with the help of my facilitator..I called her on my cell phone and let her tell the pharmacist what I needed). Hey - whatever works, right?

Visits were fun - as always. She is mommy's little ray of sunshine on otherwise dreary, boring days. I forgot my camera today. D'oh! I will try to get some new pics of the pretty pretty Princess tomorrow!

I will show you a few pics we took from the balcony of our hotel.

This is a port city and I was able to get a shot of that area of town..although it is far away. It is the best I could do....

Here is a large apartment building nearby. Most people here live in tall apartment buildings, many without elevators, as opposed to single-family homes.

Here are a few pics of a nearby church that is currently undergoing some renovations.

Tomorrow is HOPEFULLY our last Saturday here.... Hooray for that!!!


The Mac's House said...

I love that header pic, it speaks volumes! Loving arms around one another makes the heart just melt.

Loving the %'s that you post it does seem so much closer for you than stating how many days left.


RK said...

Catching up after being behind on the action... the wait's almost done, but I'm sure it's not soon enough! Can't WAIT to have Everlyn home and set up a playdate once she's settled! We'll be having some serious celebrations with the new members to our StC group...how FUN will it be to have Everlyn and Dashlyn in one place and playing with their FAMILIES and new friends! Woo hoo!

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